Sprouting Young: Little Things Kids Can Do To Help Keep Your Home Green

Helping the environment is more important now than ever, given the evidence towards environmental problems like global warming, islands that are made up for plastic, and landfills backed up with trash. Helping the environment starts on two fronts: at home, and from an early age. While kids may not understand the need right away, here are some things they can help out with:

Making Sure Lights Are Off

It seems like a minor activity, but leaving lights on in empty rooms accounts for a large percentage of wasted energy. Teaching our kids to turn out the lights when they leave a room can help save a lot of power, a little bit at a time. “Turn off when not in use” can apply to a host of other things as well such as televisions and other electronic gadgets and appliances as well, but the lights are a good start.

Helping Wash Windows, The Car, And Other Stuff Using Buckets

For most people who wash their cars at home or wash their windows, using a hose is the usual method of cleaning. It’s fast, relatively easy to do, and can be done by a single person. Unfortunately, it also wastes a lot of water. Washing using a bucket of water is more time consuming. However, enlisting the help of the kids to wash doubles up as quality family time and an exercise in saving water.

Segregating Garbage

Building good habits is best done from childhood. One of the best habits we can build is proper garbage segregation, especially at home. Having the kids help segregate the garbage is a good way to help start building these habits. Start simple, with segregating organic and inorganic garbage. Later. Teaching them about segregating organic garbage for compost and inorganics for recycling will help the environment further!

While compost pits might be a bit too complicated for younger kids, older kids will be able to appreciate the benefits of having one for your garden. Even if you live in a city, segregating garbage will have benefits. Separating your organic garbage from inorganic and disposing the organic garbage daily will help you avoid attracting roaches, mice and other pests.


One of the 3 essential “Rs” in saving the environment along with reduce and reuse, recycling is an important practice that many companies are starting to take note of, with the amount of recycled material used in everyday materials is growing. This helps you give your kids a practical platform for recycling.

Recycling can be as simple as segregating your garbage for the reusable pile, to teaching your kids all sorts of crafts that can be done to decorate your home (like wind chimes) to useful things for the home (such as storage boxes and the like).

Share Your Ideas With Us

We’re sure a lot of you have ideas that we haven’t covered in this article yet and we’d love to hear your thoughts! What ways do you have your kids help around the home that are environmentally friendly, or what environmentally friendly practices did you do as a kid? Check out our contacts page on how to reach us to let us know!