Never Too Early: Winterizing Your Home

Unless you live in one of the more tropical states like Florida, the hot and usually dry summer season is the best time to start winterizing your home. Making sure that when winter comes along your home will remain warm and safe isn’t something that should wait until the fall. Here are some of the things you can start working on as soon as the sunny days of summer roll around:

Change Furnace Filters

The furnace filters aren’t actually there to filter the air that makes it into your home (although it does help with that), the filters protect the furnace fans from hair, dirt, and other particles that can clog or damage them. We don’t recommend disposable filters however, as they require changing more often, and being disposable, aren’t environmentally friendly.

Rather, you may want to consider investing in electrostatic filters. Reusable and known for catching even the tiniest particles, these are great for houses with pets or smokers. They are a bit pricier than disposable filters, but they’re actually the more economical investment in the long run. On a less related note, the luxury cars for hire from Apex also come with top of the line HEPA filters for a great experience.

Drain Excess Water From Air Conditioners And Other Equipment

One of the things that a lot of people forget about equipment that’s used for cooling is how much liquid condenses and pools inside it. This water buildup can ruin your equipment when it freezes during the winter months. Draining it while the weather is still good can help you avoid having to deal with freezing water and having to open up the machine in the cold.

Another good habit to build before the cold settles in is to make sure that any hoses are also drained of any water that may be in them. It’s easy to say that you’ll do it some other time, but forgetting until it’s too late happens more often than one thinks! Best to make it a habit sooner rather than later!

Check for possible drafts

One of the tougher tasks on this list as this is somewhat hard to do until the colder months happen. One way to try to find drafts is by using an electric fan and trying to feel for areas where the breeze gets past the doors and windows. Alternatively, you can wait until the colder months in the fall to try and determine where the cold wind is coming in.

This is important to do before winter proper sets in because not only will it help you stay warmer, but it will definitely help you out financially as well. Drafts are one of the primary causes of heat loss in a home, which in turn leads to higher heating costs! Finding those drafts before winter comes is definitely an investment both in comfort and finances!

Insulate pipes

Insulating your pipes is best don’t before winter sets in because you really don’t want to have to do this when it gets cold. Not only will it be a cold, uncomfortable experience, but also the general moisture on everything means that any leaks that you would have noticed earlier may go unnoticed given that almost everything will already be damp anyway.

Insulating your pipes will not only help prevent water freezing solid in your pipes, causing blockage and possible damage, but it will also prevent hot water from cooling faster while traveling to your shower. This means that you won’t have to crank up the furnace too high to get the water temperature you want, helping you save up on heating costs!

See What Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. While curing something can be bad enough, imagine having to go out in weather that isn’t exactly friendly in order to get that cure! That’s pretty much what having to replace elements of your house during winter is like. Pretty much any fixtures of your home that would need replacing are most likely going to compromise your comfort and warmth during the winter. So instead of spending all your money on a Lamborghini hire in Miami, you should invest it into your home instead.

Also keep in mind that if it’s a major element that needs repair or replacing anything during the winter can be significantly more hazardous! Making sure that you’ve identified everything that may need to be repaired or replaced well before winter arrives isn’t just good for your home, but can be good for your health too as you’ll be able to avoid situations that may be dangerous.