Easy Access: Accessible Storage Options For Your Home

In this age of online shopping and digital transaction, one would think that more of our property would follow the same trend, taking up digital space rather than real-world space in our homes. Unfortunately, such is not the case and the items we buy slowly accumulate over time. Naturally, we aren’t going to let our collections just sit out in the open or on the floor, right?

The answer of course is storage! But storing stuff in boxes can be a pain. They don’t look very nice, and when you have too many, it can be a hassle to access what’s stored in those boxes. Fortunately, there are a lot of storage options that are both easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing. Here are our favorite options:


That’s right: chests; Pirate treasure style, full-of-treasure chests. Not only do they make a great accent for a room they’re in, the environmentally conscious can also find great chests made of recycled wood and metal. The one downside is the floor space they take up, but they can also easily be slid under beds, desks, and shelves or be stored in closets.

In addition, chests protect your stuff from dust, possible leaks and pests. Chests that can be locked are also great as they can be used for transporting your stuff as well. Since chests come in a wide variety of styles and designs, they go well with practically any home. In addition, they can usually be painted to match the color scheme if you decide to redecorate. In a pinch, they also serve as additional surfaces!

Tiered Netting

Tiered Netting is storage that’s made up of nets fastened to the corner of a room, with the nets being arranged from smallest to largest. While they can’t be used for items that are particularly heavy, or too small for the nets, they’re great for light items that you want on display in your room without taking up floor or surface space. Given that corners are rarely used in rooms, the netting helps maximize space.

Another variation is the suspended baskets. Usually small, these are suspended from an elevated position (usually the ceiling, or a bar attached to a wall or vertical surface) and can be used for storing small things. These are usually used in kitchens for staring onions, garlic, or other veggies that aren’t kept in the fridge or crisper.

Layered Shelving

Given the size of affordable housing now, space is at a premium, with any useable space being utilized as much as possible. This being the case, more people are using wall space for practical rather than decorative purposes. This makes layered shelving an ideal storage surface for a lot of homes.

The main difference of layered shelving is unlike traditional shelving, which is one long surface; layered shelving is several surfaces, usually of varying lengths, on different heights. This lets you maximize the height and not just the length of the wall. Each layer can also have its own aesthetic, which makes it more versatile and eye-catching than traditional shelving.